Send Money

Send money electronically to anyone who has a deposit account and an email address!  Through a secured email initiated when you set up a new payment, the person you are sending money completes their bank account information (keeping you out of the loop) and the money is electronically transferred to them.  For a fee of 95¢ per transaction (assessed only to you - the sender) this service is a great convenience!

 To use the Send Money feature, decide whether you’d like to see this option under your “Payment Center” tab in PowerPay or the “My NetBanker” tab in NetBanker or in both places.

To place the Send Money feature on either the “My NetBanker” or “Payment Center” tab:

  • Select “Configure This Page”
  • Choose the left column
  • Send Money appears with a plus (+) sign to the right of it.  Click the plus sign and it will move to the left hand column
  • Choose “save”

 To send money to an individual, choose the “Send Money” option and you will be asked to agree to the terms of Send Money before getting started.  The system will then guide you through the simple process of setting up your payee and sending money.  All you need is the person’s email address and to create a “keyword” for the recipient for security purposes.  Send Money will email your recipient, indicating that you wish to send money to them.  Upon receiving the email, your recipient will be directed to a site through a secured link, where they will enter their bank and account number information, along with their keyword.  Subsequent transfers to the same individual will not require you to set up their email address and will not require them to set up their bank account information again.

The transfer should be complete within a day or two, depending on the time of day the individual who is receiving the funds completes the initial information.