Netbanker Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do you change the NetBanker ID, password, and email address?
A.   Along the top are three tabs: NetBanker, PowerPay and Options.  Click on the Options tab, enter the information you want to change, and submit.  To get back to you account information, click on the NetBanker tab.

Q.  How do you hide accounts? (We do not "Delete" accounts.)
A.  Click on Options, and underneath that click on Accounts.  Change the account display order to move the account(s) you do not wish to see as the last account(s) listed.  Then change the number of accounts displayed to show the number you wish to see, and submit.

Q.  Why do accounts become locked?
A.  The customer incorrectly puts the information (either ID or password) in three times, or the account has not been used for 3 months and the password was not changed when prompted.