Personal Lending

At The Bank N.A., we offer a full range of credit options.  Whether you are making a major purchase - like a house, car, boat, or even a herd of cattle - we have a loan that fits your needs.   Or, maybe you’re starting the business of your dreams or simply want to spruce up the one you have, well, we have loans for that too.  Just tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll do the rest by providing you with competitive rates, flexible terms and excellent service.

What to Expect

When you apply for a personal loan:

  • We will review your application and determine the most suitable repayment structure based on your ability to repay and the collateral you offer.
  • We will consider your repayment history with our bank and others by accessing your credit report.  If you wish to access a free copy of your report before applying for the loan, you may do so at annualcreditreport .com.  This step gives you an opportunity to review what is on your credit report and clear up possible errors before you apply for your loan.
  • We will compare your gross monthly income to your monthly debt obligations.   This will help us determine a comfortable repayment amount that will also allow you to meet your other obligations.  Generally, you will want your debt obligations to be less than 48% of your total income.
  • We will review your length of employment in your industry.  Both this and the length of your residence in the community are considered indicators of stability.
  • We are committed to listening to your request, closely reviewing your application and offering you the best possible solution.

Simply download and complete the application below and return it to one of our loan officers via email or stop by one of our offices today.

Credit Application (with disclosures)

Alternaitively, you can apply for non-real estate loans via our online lending service at the link below.

Apply Online


Loan Officer E-Mail Address Telephone Number Location
Paul Million pmillion@thebankna.com (918) 421-4124 McAlester
Ann Walker awalker@thebankna.com (918) 421-4273 McAlester - Wal-Mart
Pattye Rivas privas@thebankna.com (918) 421-4273 McAlester - Wal-Mart
Brent Case bcase@thebankna.com (918) 421-4125 McAlester
Larry Walla lwalla@thebankna.com (918) 421-4126 McAlester
Kari Dalpoas kdalpoas@thebankna.com (918) 421-4120 McAlester
Tisha Pace tpace@thebankna.com (918) 421-4121 McAlester
Pam Lewis plewis@thebankna.com (918) 421-4123 McAlester
Brad Collier bcollier@thebankna.com (405) 385-5742 Stillwater

All loans and rates are subject to approved credit.