PowerPay Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is online bill payment?
A.  Online bill payment allows a depositor to send money from his/her bank account to a person or a company.  When a customer establishes a payment, a check will be generated from the customer’s account and mailed, or the payment will be sent electronically if the recipient is set up to receive electronic payments.

Q.  When in PowerPay, how do you know if a payee will be paid electronically or with a check?
A.  If you have already established the payee, click "Payees" to open your payee list and locate the desired payee, then view the "Type" column.  If a "C" is reflected, when you schedule a payment to that payee, a check will be created and mailed.  If an "E" is reflected, when you schedule a payment, it is sent to the payee electronically (Automated Clearing House – ACH).

If you would like to view the method of payment for a payee that you have not established, select "Add Payee" and click "Search".  Enter the payee information requested and click "Search".  A message will appear at the bottom of the screen indicating whether the payee accepts electronic payments.  

Q.  One of my payees was accepting checks at the time I set them up in PowerPay but now they accept electronic payments.  What should I do?
A. If a payee accepted checks when you initially added them to your payee list but now they accept electronic payments, NetTeller will prompt you to change the payment type to electronic.  

Q.  Can I use PowerPay to pay someone outside the United States?
A.  All PowerPay payees must be located in the United States.

Q.  If I schedule a payment in PowerPay, when will the amount be deducted from my account?
A.  Electronic PowerPay transactions are deducted from your account on the payment date you specify, assuming you have sufficient funds available in your account.  PowerPay transactions paid by check will not be deducted from your account on the payment date you specify.  Instead, these types of transactions will use the payment date you specify to issue and mail a check drawn on your payment account. You should ensure that sufficient funds are available in your payment account when the check is subsequently presented for payment. 

Q.  What if I schedule a payment in PowerPay and later determine that I need to change it?
A.  In order to modify or cancel a scheduled bill payment that is still pending, edit or delete the payment before the cutoff time on the date the payment is scheduled for payment.  You can accomplish this from the “View Scheduled Payments” screen.

Q.  What if I need to delete a scheduled payment in PowerPay but it is no longer pending?
A.  If the scheduled payment is no longer pending, the edit and delete options will no longer be available to you.  Contact the NetBanker Support Department for assistance at (918) 423-2265.