PowerPay Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When in PowerPay, how do you know if the payee is paid electronically or paid with a check?
A.  Click on the PowerPay tab at the top, and click on Payees.  Click on the Add Payee button on the right.  Enter the payees name and state to be sent to (optional), and submit.  It will then show if the payee is to be paid electronically or by a check.

Q.  If you already have a payee set up to be paid with a check, how can you see if they can be paid electronically?
A.  If there is a payee that is paid by check that will now be paid electronically, there is a prompt that will come up and ask you to change.  You can always click on the Add Payee button and see if they can be set up electronically, and re-enter the information.